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Бункерні самохідні навантажувачі RB-640 eng

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The self propelled tanker loaders from Gilles аге renowned for their power and сарасну (up to 34т3 storage сараспу], The high field speed (18 km/h) as well as the outstanding pick-up and cleaning results аге second to попе. The design and material choice keep the operating costs at а Ьаге minimum. Ultimately а” this leads to the best return оп invested capital.

Each individual wheel features а high-power hydraulic motor of great input power. Both tanker loader models соте with extra large agricultural tyres (1050 тт). Therefore the traction power of the RB240T and RB410T is superior while soil compaction is significantly reduced.

The RB240T and RB410T сап both Ье mounted with the ТигЬо Clean ог the Super TNT pick-up system. The ТигЬо Clean consists of 2 pick-up turblnes and 4 large cleaning turblnes. The Super TNT comes with а contra reciproca¬ting pick-up web and 3 large cleaning turblnes. Thanks to the сопsidегаЫе length of the cleaning circuit and the аdjustаЫе turblne speeds (from inside the сао), optimum cleaning results сап Ье assured while maintaining а high flow rate.

The content of the tanker сап Ье unloaded directly into ап agricultural trailer ог even into а truck.

The modern Claas саЬ gives all modern comfort to the driver (air conditioning, acoustics, сатега, ergonomic chair, alarm signals, … ).

The pick-up unit Т urbo Clean сап Ье lifted hydraulically for ап easy access to the field.

In order to further increase the return оп investment of the self propelled tanker loaders, in option they сап Ье modified to serve as multifunctional dumpers, spreaders ог spraying machineгy.