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Group of Companies – manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment of Belgium united under representation of BAT Group to enter the market of Ukraine to familiarize consumers with progressive and efficient method Belgian technical equipment of agricultural production.

The strategic objective of the project is to provide to meet individual needs of small owners and households with medium to large areas of agricultural land in the park to complete all stages of the production of cereals and vegetables.

BAT Group plans to implement full-scale work in advertising, promoushynhu, promoting Belgian manufacturer s / g technology, supply equipment for consumer ukrayinsho directly from manufacturers, as well as advising the actual and potential buyers

The key stages in the development of the project in Ukraine will primarily provide wide range of information about vehicles, offered to purchase, individualized approach to the formation of the park, high-quality organization as an information and service and technical support products. Highly qualified staff in tandem with our customers to help orient correctly in the spectrum of needs, assortment and pricing policies.

BAT Group comprises five companies – manufacturers of agricultural machinery from Belgium. The project is directly integrated as part of the Transport Company “YOFAN Ltd”, which successfully operates in Ukraine for more than 10 years. BAT Group brings together today 5 manufacturing companies: Delvano, Stan, Gilles, Dezore, AVR.

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